Gerry Eitner


I am an experienced retreat facilitator, both for church groups and others.   Here are some comments from people who have worked with me:

  • "Thank you so much for sharing your very special talents with our group!  You produced bonds that I haven’t experience in over 35 years at this church.  Amazing!"
  • "I was humbled by the willingness of people to be honest and trusting.  I admired Gerry’s accepting, focused and gifted leadership."
  • "This was absolutely wonderful!  I felt very fortunate to share these private experiences with good friends (acquaintences previously.)"
  • "These experiences connected me to the other people in the room and to God." 
  • "The retreat will help me to slow down and notice the small things in life.  It will help me to support my family in ways that I might not have thought to before."
  • "This was very helpful.  I am ready for the next stage in my spiritual life whatever that might be, even though it scares me.  Because of my experiences this weekend I do feel that I’m moving in the right direction!"
  • "Boy do I love these women.  I am thankful for the intimacy oriented love.  If I found my spirit again, then I believe I found the divine in my church sisterhood too."
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