Gerry Eitner

Personal Mentoring

I am available for personal consulting or healing on an hourly basis, either in person or on the phone.  The cost is $100/hour.

My favorite way to assist people is to work with them on an extended personal basis.  This approach gives us an opportunity to really look at your life's challenges and possibilities.  I use a variety of methods in this approach, depending on the particular needs of the client.  Some of them are:


Just as this would indicate, The Presence Process enables the Self to be Present.  The client selects a goal for the process.  I can help the person with this selection if needed.  Then, in a 12-week process, the person goes through a variety of experiences which help to diffuse prior traumas and negative patterns and enable him/her to be more fully present.  Our personal weekly sessions are focused on the person’s experiences and perspectives.

Each month you'll receive focus materials and one hour/month personal time with me -- either in person or on phone/skype.  Your commitment is for one year, $100/month.

Powered by the Love of God

There's a great misunderstanding of the correct use of power.  This monthly exploration will help you to tap into and experience the real use of your natural power, which is love.  This is why you are here at this time.  You'll find the experience a joyous one.    

Using Your Feminine Power
This is similar to the above, with a specific focus on the use of the feminine power.

You may have noticed the issues of polarity and duality out there.  There's another way - of Unity.  This approach brings forward the best and the highest in you, helping you identify with God and your higher Self.  


Some of my clients are interested in developing their own creative projects.  I have a varied background, and can assist with ideas as well as contacts.


A number of my clients like to receive Reiki healings, either as an adjunct to the personal mentoring or on its own.  This energetic healing works in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas.  It's a great stress reducer and balancer of your energy.  I've found that it also facilitates your natural spiritual evolution.



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