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Classes and Workshops


At the current time, these are held every other Monday evening. You may attend in person in Warrenton Virginia or call in via conference call from wherever you are. Please email for information.  Donations are accepted at  


Reiki (Ray'kee) is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life Energy." In receiving Reiki attunements, you'll be connected to more of this loving energy of Source. You'll then be able to be a conduit for passing on more of this energy to yourself and others. This loving energy is a source of healing into all of the aspects of one's being, including the physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual areas. I’ve been a Reiki practitioner since 1982, and a Reiki Master (teacher) since 1989. I teach in the traditional Usui style, but on inspiration from Jesus, have added a fifth attunement to connect you with the Christ energy and begin the process of opening your “sacred heart.”

First Degree Sacred Heart Reiki Healing:

Saturday April 9th 10-5
Warrenton VA
$150, half-price full-time students and seniors (65+)

In this day-long workshop, you’ll receive four attunements that will connect you to your Higher Self and establish the connection with the Reiki Healing energy. You’ll practice doing Reiki healing on yourself and on others, plus learn to discern when the Reiki energy is activated (when the person needs it in some way.) A fifth attunement will begin the process of opening your heart.

Second Degree Sacred Heart Reiki Healing:

Classes forming now.  Call 540-937-4940 for information..
Warrenton VA
$500, half-price full-time students and seniors (65+), $50 deposit due by June 25th

This powerful one-day workshop will give you the ability to increase the power of your Reiki healing energy, plus enable you to work specifically in the mental/emotional area of yourself and others. You’ll also learn to heal others and situations at a distance. Prerequisite is First Degree Reiki training.

Reiki Master training is available in individual circumstances. Please call for information.


This is a three-month online course that is formed in groups of six.  It is designed to evoke and align you with your highest attainment, or the Christ Consciousness. Using the Reconnecting With Nature method described below, the group interacts twice a month for a total of six times, with six different evocative questions.  One hour personal consultation is provided each month by Gerry.  
The cost is $300 for the three-month series


This online series is done in small groups, and interacts weekly.  You can create your own group, or be matched with others from around the world. You’ll look at key areas of your life that have affected you, and interact directly with nature in a particular manner to begin understanding and healing in a profound new way.

You’ll then describe the experience to others online each week. This will increase your ability to connect, to develop and use many more senses to receive information, to be Real with yourself and others, and will increase your support system. The process uses different areas of your brain to achieve a different new manner of whole-brain thinking. The cost is $500 for the three-month series. Please email your interest to gerry7253@


There are a variety of three-month online RWN graduate groups, including focuses on:

  • The Use of Power

  • Relationships

  • From Illusion into Reality

  • Your Highest Creation

  • Developing extra senses

  • Other online groups can be created upon demand.

Each course is three months long, and costs $500.


This is a series of 12 recorded meditations oriented to helping you to develop your spiritual capacities at successively higher levels.  The cost is $300 for the series. Email Gerry for more information. 

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