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A Message From Gerry

As a spiritual coach, mystic and mentor for over 30 years, I’ve found a number of methods that have helped in my own journey and those of others.

People who have studied with me have been ministers, priests, psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists as well as many others from different walks of life. What is needed is an open mind, a caring heart, and a desire to expand.

Some of the aspects that I help others to achieve are:

  • Inner peace and a sense of being centered
  • Dropping old negative patterns and traumas
  • Increasing the number of usable senses
  • Experiencing yourself at both higher and deeper levels
  • Expanding your support systems
  • Developing subtle senses (we have more than 55 senses!)
  • Expanding your Self-expression and creativity
  • Developing your Master Presence
  • Enhancing your relationship with God and with others
  • Developing communication with angels, guides and Ascended Masters

Some background:

I’ve been a spiritual coach since 1984 and a teaching Reiki Master since 1989. I've served many hundreds of clients, including psychiatrists, psychologists, ministers, priests, physicians, politicians, medical personnel and others from different walks of life. I’ve been active in peace movements, both nationally and internationally, and have been a delegate to the United Nations Millennium Forum, a writer of the Earth Charter, one of the initial catalysts for a US Department of Peace, the creator of a model for a US congressional resolution for peace, a weekly columnist for United Press International, founder of the Communities of Peace organization ( a national/international speaker for peace, have taught meditation at the Pentagon, and have been active in interfaith movements.

On this website (links to the left), you’ll find specific information on personal mentoring, classes (both in person and online), retreats and speaking engagements.

It is my great pleasure to be of value to others! I look forward to being with you.


With love,


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